DEXTER ® G-Two Gear Oil SAE 90/140


DEXTER ® G-Two Gear Oil is superior sulfur-phosphorus, extreme pressure gear lubricants. This oil is able to withstand super high load between gear teeth which commonly found in modern vehicle transmission system. These products are recommended for conventional rear axles, limited slip rear axles and transmissions requiring E.P. Gear Lubes under high speed, high load, high torque, high HP conditions for passenger car and light duty truck.



  • ·         Protect thermal stability for cleanliness and longer service life.
  • ·         Excellent anti-foam and air release properties.
  • ·         Non-corrosive to brass, bronze, steel and copper.
  • ·         Provide long oil service life by resisting oxidation and oil thickening.
  • ·         Protect against wear and scuffing.


·         API GL-4

·         API GL-5

·         MIL-L-2105D