PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama

Lube Oil Blending Plant


PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama established in 2003. At first the company only has a lubricating oil formulation and use the services of blending in Surabaya, as time goes by PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama was determined to serve with a larger scale in order to meet the needs of lubricants which are growing each day, along with a number of industrial machinery, vehicles, or machines that require lubricants annually.

In 2014, PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama initiate independent factories in the production of lubricating oil alone, at Jalan Kedamean, Gresik, with an area of ​​approximately 10000 square meters in the location where established Lube Oil Blending Plant. Completeness of plant operating licenses have also been issued by the various parties to the smooth operation of the plant and also standardize the quality of oil produced, one of our licenses issued by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas, the lubricant manufacturing business license.

Now, PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama has had 12 years of experience in the field of lubricating oil, coupled with the latest technology and formulations which make us able to compete with the brand of lubricating oil available in Indonesia as well as in the export market. Good quality control system with a modern laboratory making our product quality is always reliable. Currently we have a wide range of products in various lines of industrial, automotive and others that have been available in Indonesia.

Since 2013, PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama has made massive expansion of its production line. Seeing the existing technology and the wide open opportunities, PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama has officially obtained a permit to produce environmentally friendly renewable fuels. Fuel produced by PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama has been trusted by many consumers, both factory equipment, heavy equipment, ships, to various asphalt mixing plants in various regions. Supported by a complete and large-capacity shipping fleet, PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama is committed to always maintaining quality, service and performance to always meet customer needs.


Become Best Qualified Lubricant Manufacturers in Indonesia


Producing lubricant with attention to quality and product consistency.
Providing excellent service quality to all customers.
Maintaining good relations to all partners, both internal and external.


PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama offers manufacturing services and packaging of lubricants according to the specifications and brand desired by the customer.

We provide forms of packaging lubricants from stickers, bottle, carton, gallon, drum, type of packaging is available on PT. Sumber Anugerah Utama.

We also provide the raw materials needed for making a lubricant, such as various kinds of base oil and additives are varied ranging from industrial to automotive.