DEXTER ® Industrial Gear Oil ISO VG 68/100/1 50/220/320/460/680


DEXTER ® Industrial Gear Oil is one of DEXTER Gear Oil line created to meet widest range of requirement of extreme pressure lubricants.  This fluid has an excellent high temperature oxidation stability and superior low temperature fluidity. Blended with high quality additive, DEXTER ® Industrial Gear Oil ensure protection against shock, vibration and high load carrying capability and also maintaining longevity of gears by eliminating rust, foam and corrosion possibility. DEXTER ® Industrial Gear Oil is best used for lubricating industrial gear sets and oil circulating system, which operated on normal to heavy load equipment.


·         Wear resistance.

·         Superior low and high temperature performance.

·         Anti-foam technology.

·         Prevent rust and corrosion.

·         Protect gear teeth from damage.


·         AGMA 9005-E02

·         DAVID BROWN S1.53.10(E)