DEXTER ® TurboMax Turbine Oil ISO VG 32/46/68


DEXTER® TurboMax Turbine Oil, designed for all turbine systems lubrication, especially in oxidation resistance and preventing sludge and varnish formation at elevated temperature. The additives components in DEXTER® TurboMax Turbine Oil afford exceptional rust and corrosion protection. DEXTER® TurboMax Turbine Oil also provides excellent thermal stability, extended service life and strong water separation properties.


·         Extended oxidation life.

·         Longer fluid life and reduce system maintenance.

·         Contain rust inhibitors with excellent rust protection.

·         Contain anti-corrosion agents to protect copper containing alloys.

·         Water separation.

·         Resistance to sludge formation.


·         CINCINNATI MILACRON P-38, P-55, P-54 AND P-57

·         GENERAL ELECTRIC GEK-32568

·         SOLAR TURBINES ES9-224

·         U.S. MILITARY MIL-H-17672D

·         DIN 51524, PART 1

·         DENISON HF-1

·         DENISON HF-0